Soft-matter Roboics - Soft robot ! Gel Hachi

Gel Hachi is a soft matter robot made of soft resin material. Hachiko is a traditional statue developed with the Japanese Akita dog "Hachi" as a model. This Gel Hachiko wears a piezo film sensor on the head, neck and chin, and can quantitatively recognize contact. In addition, the collar can acquire video and audio from the camera and microphone. In order to calculate Hachiko's own “feelings” from these sensors, he uses supervised learning of a temporary deep neural network to convert the resistance values of video, audio and pressure sensors into 3D vector data. Emotions are calculated with reference to a psychological model called the emotional circle of pultic. This model expresses emotion in color, and color is determined by the value of two-dimensional coordinates. We build a deep network that transforms 3D data into 2D coordinates and conducts learning using a pre-defined set of colors and coordinates as a teacher signal. This deep neural network reduces 3D data to 2D coordinates and classifies it into emotions. Depending on the emotion, Gel Hachi will provide physical feedback to the contactor via LED, voice and vibration. We are aiming at the social implementation of such a soft matter robot that communicates.