Physics Simulation for Seaweed Cultivation

  1. Quantitative Evaluation of Tangle Formation for Seaweed Cultivation

We have conducted physical simulation research focused on a control of water flow to inhibit tangle formations between seaweeds having flexible structure.
To overcome the problem, first, we developed the computational model for representing tangle formations of seaweeds by combining the physics engine NVIDIA PhysX with fluid analysis called lattice Boltzmann method. Second, we proposed the formations classifier based on support vector machine using feature vectors of the formations according to human recognition. Finally, we ascertained a water flow characteristics causing to form the tangle by testing different water flow conditions. Then, we established a novel way of inhibiting the tangle formations of seaweeds in a real-time by generating a controlled water flow based on the criteria of the classifier in our physical simulator and the method was tested in a real-world experiment, which showed the effectiveness of my method.